Friday, July 20, 2012

Fittings on mast

Reinstalling mast fittings after painting
of corroded parts
Wesley polishing small ssteel parts
Fittings reinstalled with a mylar sheet to insulate ssteel
and prevent from corrosion and new rubber boot

53-519 MUSIC

Brand new Swan 53 MUSIC
sailed all the way down from Finland to Villefranche

60-020 HOLLIE

Swan 60-020 HOLLIE from Australia

Teak deck laying

Michel applying primer before glueing

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Unstepping mast of Swan 46-411 BERGAME
Standing rigging dismantling went smoothly, no need of a blowtorch
or brutal means. Comissionning of that mast had been made in 2006 by...
Nautor Villefranche with proper anti-seize products as Tef-Gel
Replacing mast plugs, corroded electrical cables
and removing ssteel fittings
Dye testing of rod heads