Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New B&G H5000

New B&G H5000 SystemsIntroducing B&G’s powerful H5000 family of instruments and autopilots – the ultimate sailing systems for racing and blue water cruising.
H5000 systems consist of a smart CPU, which runs three levels of software: Hydra, Hercules and Performance, highly visible Graphic Displays, clear segmented Race Displays and a selection of sensors and expansion modules to suit your requirements.

Please see B&G's H5000 webpage HERE
or download technical leaflet. All information is HERE

 H5000 Tech info

Friday, April 25, 2014

Swan 90 Solleone

Swan 90-706 SOLLEONE coming in along other Swan 90 ZIGZAG
90-702 WHITE LIE at the mooring in the bay

Thursday, April 24, 2014

SIMRAD autopilots

Nowadays sailing yachts being clearly less and less demanding in terms of
number of persons to handle, autopilots then naturally became essential.
To our opinion, the best autopilot brand on the market
is the SIMRAD AP range.
A long tradition of excellence heritated from well known Roberston autopilots.
Please see the autopilots page on the Simrad website HERE
or see/download SIMRAD autopilots buyer's guide HERE

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Team work

Vincent, Stephane and Laurent Rigging up Swan 40-119
Swan 90 bows

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Villefranche sur Mer bay

The beautiful bay of Villefranche sur Mer
The Nautor's Customer Care centre in the hart of the
historical harbour

90-702 WHITE LIE back from Caribbean

Welcoming WHITE LIE arriving from Caribbean

Cargoship yacht transport (again)

Unloading boats in the Villefranche bay actually seems very much
in the trend these days... A charter company unloading catamarans
for the summer season.

40-119 LADY KATHEA haul out

40-119 LADY KATHEA haul out for antifouling paint.

40-119 LADY KATHEA rig service

Mast unstepping
Goose and vang necks showing signs of corrosion.
Time for a good clean and insulation
Cleaning and polishing of goose neck and adding
a cut out of a sheet of Tufnol to insulate ssteel and mast aluminium
Dye testing rod heads. Above one obviously showing a crack
Forestay rod lower head showing signs of excessive stress.
Forestay usually being the most stressed part of the rig.
Reinstalling goose neck with Tufnol sheet insulation and
helicoils on some of the screws threads

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Teak deck sanding

The carpernters finishing the teak deck sanding on

Cargoship yacht transport

A cargoship came to load a yacht in the bay this afternon
Quite a good idea actually... The Villefranche bay being sheltered is
quite adequate for that !

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

60-902 Racing forepeak

Switching the forepeak on 60-902 from a cruising to a racing version.
Stephan dismantling carpentry work, plumbing, tanks, toilet, pumps etc...
Vincent laminating new carbon floorboards and bunk
Vacuum applied to laminated floorboards
The new bunk boards
Captain Chris testing the new bunk... seems all right :-)
New lines carbon rack
Perspex plate protects electrical boxes 
The new "racing" forepeak and carbon home made floorboards.