Friday, November 21, 2014

Nautor Villefranche people

Stephane & Vincent happy in their dinghy :-)
Stephane & Eleandro very concentrated on computer screen
Swan 70-007 MANU happy crew :-)

Perspex replacement on hatches

Replacing perspex on deck hatches requires some time to clean grooves,
apply different primers for GRP, perspex and teak
and apply proper sealants in successive  coats.

Carbon spinnaker pole lamination

When the spinnaker pole end fitting looks like this...
it is about time to replace it.
This happens because of corrosion between carbon and aluminium.
End of carbon pole is usually inflated because of
corrosion pushing and cracking away pole end.
it needs to be re-laminated... faired and painted
Final result with new Sparcraft mast end fitting.
A sheet of Tufnol™ has been added around fitting to insulate carbon and aluminium.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

B&G H5000 installation

Stephane replacing a bunch of B&G HV30/30 displays
after the yacht was hit by thunder strike
New H5000 brilliant Graphic Displays
Please note fully customizable pages and
one page dedicated to hydraulic sensors.
Behind the scene and Actisense NMEA buffers

H5000 Analogue Expansion modules to allow 3rd party sensors as
hydraulic sensors to be recognized and displayed on the network

Stephane configuring the H5000 installation using the
outstanding computer interface to control and customize
every single parameter
Testing and calibrating the record-breaking B&G H5000 Pilot.
The BERENICE crew and Stephane when calibrating the new H5000 installation
and first snow on the Alps in the background