Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Navtec TFC™ Rigging

Navtec Thermo Fused Carbon Rigging spreaders ends fittings
on Swan 90-702 discontinuous rig

Mast on the ground in La Ciotat
Lifting mast with the huge La Ciotat cranes
Mast coming in with Rogi Yacht Rigging team at work
Neat V and D1's deck turnbuckles

Please visit Navtec web site to read more about TFC™ Rigging

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stepping the mast of 46-422

Stepping the mast of Swan 46-422 LA LUCIOLE  in La  Rochelle
on the Atlantic coast of France after the rig was serviced and the mast repainted

Friday, April 12, 2013

Watt & Sea hydro generators

Watt & Sea hydrogenerator installed on a custom made bracket
to fit Swan 461 transom
Sea trials to check transom bracket and charge... works perfectly !
Tired with noisy, stinky gensets engines? disappointed with wind generators performance?
Do not want to stop over for re-fuelling?
Hydro generators are definitely the way to go.

Output : 120W at 5 knots (10A in 12V; 5A in 24V) - 500W at 8 knots (40A in 12V - 20A in 24V) - Starting speed: 3 knots.
Tested by one of our customers who owns a Swan 461 and has sailed accross Atlantic two times using all electronics systems, autopilots, fridges and lights without running the engine even once... really enthusiastic about it...
Please visit Watt & Sea web site.
Please download brochure and comparison sheet HERE.

KVH Fleetbroadband - Yachtspot 3G+ - Option GlobeSurfer 3+

Typical communication system setup using KVH FB250 satphone offshore and  Yachtspot 3G+ for coastal or  in harbours communications.
Communication system setup using KVH FB250 satphone offshore and Option Globesurfer III 3G+ for coastal or  in harbours communications.
Chart table phones handsets showing VHF, KVH Fleetbroadband
and previous Irridium phone that has been kept.
Option GlobeSurfer 3 in chart table locker.