Thursday, April 14, 2016

65-020 KING'S LEGEND in Indonesia

Our Friends Gijs and Femke are currently about to begin a long cruising program
in Asia with Swan 65 KING'S LEGEND 

Would you like to join?
Please check their sailing program here :-)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Rudders and bearings again.

Please see the Swan 48 S&S ISBJÖRN
rudder repair performed by crew and Antigua boats yard in the state of the art.
Very interesting and instructive indeed.
Thanks to them for posting such a comprehensive report that will shurely help other owner of Swan yachts of that generation how their rudder is installed and bearings made.

please follow here under link to find more about it. 

Friday, April 1, 2016

SOTO ACEBAL 62' Rudder

Rudder.. again.. on another type of boat with another type of bearing from JEFA bearings.
Some kind of an interesting "bricolage" where the bearing was replaced to some
nylon spacer... no need to say that helm was extremely hard..
Removal of aluminium sleeve

Lamination of GRP casing

New rudder post sleeve.
Adjustment of bearing
Rudder back in... :-) 

56-042 Rudder bearing

As said (many times) before the rudder should be dropped every two or three years, bearings serviced and seals replaced... when not doing such the bearing will finally get corroded and seized around the rudder stock sleeve and will need replacement... :-( 

Complete bearing seized on rudder stock
GRP casing
Our tool to remove bearing from sleeve... which should not be needed
when properly maintained the bearing body should be remaining in the boat GRP casing
and rudder slide into it.
Corroded bearing needs replacement

441-023 Rig service

Getting seized tip cups out of spreaders ends.
Painted spreaders ends
Clean and polished rods, tip cups, tangs and turnbuckles
Reassembling rig before stepping