Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Friday, May 15, 2015

Swan 40 Electrical switchboard

The Swan 40 production begun in 1992 and 54 boats were built.
The main electrical switchboard was of a very new type for this period, embedded with some pushbuttons and electronic parts... Over the years and boats getting older it happened that these switchboards would occasionnaly fail and could not be repaired anymore as components would not exist anymore.
Please see here below the pictures of the replacement switchboard we have installed in Swan 40-104 starting from scratch.. or almost... More "traditional" type looking similar to what has always been installed in mosts of the Swan yachts.
Our elctricis/electronics engineer Stephane has been working hard for two weeks, as not only the front panel was replaced but a lot of other connection, relays, timers, DC/AC wiriing  were to be replaced and re-wired.
If you are the happy owner of a Swan 40, it could be the right time to consider upgrading and cleaning up the electrical system.
Please enquire.

Original switchboard and backup panel
New switchboard in progress
Wiriing in progress...
Final switchboard and connection box in aft bathroom :-)